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Alice in Zenland

Set of 5 Disney scented candles “To the Wonders of Alice”

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This set contains five scented natural candles (brioche, strawberry-mint, gingerbread, marshmallow and tea nuances), with characters from the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland.

With these scented candles, invite the Mad Hatter to your home for an olfactory party. Switch on “To Alice's Delights” for an unforgettable tea time.

As straight out of the three pouring spouts of his crazy teapot escape the swirls of black tea smoking around wacky guests. You then feel a touch of citrus, a cloud of milk, a few cookies: enough to celebrate your non-birthday in the rules of the art!

Size—5 x D: 5.5 cm Height: 7 cm
capacity - 5 x 75 g
Made in France